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The technical development of hearing aids has undergone significant and very rapid development in recent years. The goal is no longer only to amplify the sounds, but also to provide customized solutions that meet the user’s hearing and expectations.

There is a proper solution for everyone!

Both behind-the-ear and in-the-canal hearing aids have seen a significant reduction in size, and one can choose from a wide variety of colours and shapes. Modern hearing aids provide an impeccable hearing experience and at the same time they eliminate the main flaws of old hearing aids.

No more constant beeping!

Modern devices are sporting feedback cancellation systems which eliminates feedback and beeping permanently so one can enjoy the hearing and understanding without compromise.
They feature noise reduction and speech enhancement technology to provide an outstanding experience.

The most advanced devices can be controlled wirelessly, so should you use your mobile phone, your TV or your computer, these hearing systems let you hear all the important things and information directly through the hearing aid.

A hearing aid is not just a simple amplifier!

It is a special device with features and technical parameters designed to suit perfectly to the individual needs of the hearing impaired. For a hearing impaired, a precisely tuned frequency response is especially important.

A bigger problem however, is the change in loudness (abnormal loudness) and dynamics that change with each frequency. In the case of hearing impairment, not only does the hearing threshold increase, but the sensitivity to loud sounds also changes.

In addition, this change is often frequency dependent. Therefore, it is not simply a matter of volume replacement per frequency, as the ratio between soft and loud sounds may vary in the patient’s sound spectrum. It is also important to protect residual hearing. Thus, although the amplified sounds need to be amplified, it even must be limited to varying degrees throughout the spectrum.

Which device is suitable for me?

The hearing aid transmits the amplified sound to the ear canal. The device can be of various sizes, shapes, and locations based on the anatomical shape of the ear, the required amplification, and other considerations.


We are proud that Protone hearing aids are the only domestic, in-house developed, innovative hearing aid family in Hungary.

Completely In the Canal hearing aids – CIC

A unique, “invisible” hearing aid tailored for you after precise custom ear molds of your ear canal. Its removal is aided by a pull-out thread. It is fully digital and available in beige or transparent blue and red with ventilation hole.

Cosmetically, they are the least conspicuous types.

In the Ear hearing aids – ITE

An individualized hearing aid tailored for you after precise custom ear molds of your ear.
Body-colored, barely visible. It is fully digital, with ventillation hole, volume control, program switch. Some models can be operated with a remote control and can be controlled simultaneously in wireless mode. Additional devices can also be used to establish a Bluetooth phone connection or to operate the devices as a wireless audio player.

Behind The Ear hearing aids – BTE

Devices that can be worn behind the ear deliver the amplified sound to the ear through a fitting tailored for you after precise custom ear molds of your ear. They can be fitted with a conventional earplug or with an open one. Depending on its type, it may sport a manual volume control, program switch, automatic telephone coil. Some models can be operated with a remote control and controlled simultaneously in wireless mode. Additional devices can be used to establish a Bluetooth phone connection, or the devices can also be operated as a wireless audio player.


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If the tinnitus is persistent, noise-generating devices may be helpful.

These devices are tailored for you after precise custom ear molds of your ear canal. They are shaped like hearing aids and emit a sound to the ear similar to the calm shattering of the sea. They distract you from torturous tinnitus and serve as a useful adjunct to retuning therapy (TRT – Tinnitus Retrainging Teraphy).

Their enhanced digital versions have several types of preset soundscapes.


The earmold carries the sound of hearing aids worn behind the ear into the ear canal. It is made individually based on the earmold, so it is comfortable and does not slip out of the ear. It can be made of several materials and formats, considering the anatomy of the ear and the degree of hearing loss.

The earmolds are an acoustically tuned system. They have paramount importance to achieve an optimal hearing experience.

With a lightweight design and ventilation holes, we try to make them as comfortable as possible for the wearer.

Swimming pool protective earmolds

This is a suitable earmold to protect sensitive ears from water-borne infections. High watertightness, easy installation. They are available in different colors and variations based on an individual imprint. They can also be equipped with a cord.

Noise protective earmolds

The most comfortable noise protection device.
They are tailored for you after precise custom ear molds for your ear canal, its attenuation is close to the attenuation values of traditional earplugs.
It is comfortable in the long term, it can be equipped with a ventilation hole and a cord.

Earplugs for sleep

Small, customized earplugs made of soft silicone. Comfortable help for a restful sleep.

Earphone connectors

A replacement for uncomfortable and slippery “factory” earphones. The customized silicone fit provides the perfect solution. It doesn’t push the tab or slide out. Comfortable to wear in the long run, it improves bass transmission, dynamics and signal-to-noise ratio.

Hunter earplugs

Custom made medical grade silicone earplugs. It attenuates peal sounds well, but also lets human speech through. Available in different colours. Can be used in shooting ranges, competitions, hunting. Its advantage is that the weapon can be pressed against the face and it does not prevent you from wearing a hat, goggles … etc. in any body position.

Earplugs for musicians

Custom stereo headset with factory-built professional speaker. Transparent but can be coloured and decorated. Provides a favourable signal-to-noise ratio. It attenuates unnecessary background noises and you can hear your own voice better and also the sound image coming from the mixer. Can be fitted to modern wireless stage systems. We can also install our own monitor system.


Hearing aid dryer heat bag
AC adapter for heat bag
Drying box
Hearing Aids box
Drying capsules (6 pcs / box)
Tube cleaning pump
Digital battery meter
Cleaning brush
Phonak batteries
Cleaning set (wipe, brush, vent-cleaner)
Hearing Aids box
Hearing Aids box
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