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Hearing understanding Trust

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The most important thing for us, it the personal connection. We are most inspired by help, care and healing. We have solved our hearing problems for thousands of our clients. We have created the only family of innovative hearing aids in Hungary. We know that the device is not everything. We give you hearing! All of our customers receive a full range of care from hearing testing to battery replacement.

Hearing Centres

Choose the store that is closest to you and request an appointment by phone or online.

Audiometry for free of charge

If you feel you have a hearing problem, take a step to find a solution to your problem together.


Does your hearing aid beep? Did your device shut down? We’ll fix it quickly.

Tinnitus, dizziness

The basic condition for the successful treatment is the medical examination. If you experience signs that refers to Tinnitus or dizziness, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

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