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Tinnitus, and what to do with it?

The Tinnitus is like a sound in your one or both ears (rarely in the head) that is not from an outer source. The patient may hear different sounds occasionally or permanently. It may vary from ticking to fizzling, beeping, rumpling and bellowing. The basic requirement for successful treatment for Tinnitus is medical examination. If you experience signs that refers to Tinnitus, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

We have the solution!

If the Tinnitus is persistent, there is a noise generator device which can be prescribed by our specialist. It precisely follows the shape of your ear since it is made after individual ear molds.  Their shape is similar to a hearing aid, and they emit sounds like a calm sea-shattering. It distracts your attention from the Tinnitus and it is a useful supplement for the tuning therapy.

Dizziness, and what to do with it?

During medical check up that of the complaints related to dizziness, the patient sooner or later has to go to a balance system examination, called otoneurology .
(The latin word ‘oto’ means ear and ‘neurology’ refers to the science of the nervous system.)
The balance system’s diseases may come from the auditory and/or from the nervous system.
Patients looking for the otoneurologist are predominantly suffering from dizziness, and a smaller part has Tinnitus and/or hearing loss. Patients come to visit us by the suggestions from their otorhinolaryngologist, neuropathist or the family doctor. However, there are patients visiting our private clinic by their own decision.

Every disease has various cause and our doctor will explain to you in details what that cause might be in your case. By the end of the examination our doctor will give you a detailed medical report, which you can show to your family doctor and also to your medical attendant.
In some cases you will get description and guide for practises needed during your rehabilitation or, if necessary we supply you with a prescription for medication.

Hearing loss, speech understanding problems, and what to do with them?

Are you getting tired easily during a long conversation? Do you hear your surroundings, but it’s hard to understand that? Do you need to ask people to repeat themselves often? Do you have to increase the volume on your tv/radio more than the others in your surroundings? Is it harder to understand your friends on the phone like earlier? Is it harder to understand the others in a noisy environment than it used to be? Did anyone tell you that you might have problems with your hearing?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!
Make an appointment and after an audiometry and complete hearing test we can help you.
We will find the best solution possible TOGETHER!

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